Boarding and Daycare Rates
*(Rates below will become effective 6/1/2018)

  Daycare Rates  

   Full Day: $19.00 (more than 6 hours) 2nd Pet $16.00  

   Half Day: $13.00 (Less than 6 hours) 2nd Pet $10.00

*** Coming Soon: Play and Train***

Please be advised that we are a clean, comfortable, social environment and we want to keep it that way. If your pet does not meet the criteria below, then we are not the place for your pet.

  • Since we are a SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT, pets with a history of aggression towards people or other dogs are not allowed either boarding or daycare. Even if you opt out of daycare with boarding, pets must be handleable and friendly toward people and dogs. If not, our In-home Services may be more suitable for you and your pet. Pets who are found to be aggressive or bite will need to be picked up immediately. 
  • All pets must be, for the most part, housebroken. The occasional accident is understandable and forgiven. If soiling their suite occurs on a more than daily basis, a "housekeeping" fee will be charged.
  • Pets/puppies under 1 year may be subject to extra charges for various factors. No quotes will be given.
  • Destructive animals are not allowed. If your pet has a history of chewing things he ought not chew, he is not allowed. Pet owners will be notified if their pet is destructive and will have to make arrangements to have pet picked up or agree to allow us to house the pet in an appropriate kennel. Pet owner will be held financially responsible for any damage their pet causes from destructive behavior.
  • Pets who suffer from severe separation anxiety should have a medication/sedative prescribed before their stay. Please discuss this with your vet before your pets stay. Extra charges wil be incurred if we have to call your vet for a sedative if all other remedies fail.
  • All pets must be flea-free and be on a monthly flea preventative.
  • Although we can and do administer medications, including insulin, pets must be relatively healthy to be boarded.
  • All pets must be current on all vaccinations, including bordetella (kennel cough) and have had a negative fecal exam within the past 6 months. If you have any questions regarding vaccinations schedule please consult your veterinarian. There is a 7 day wait period for bordetella vaccine and boarding/daycare.
  • Excessive barking is not allowed. Barking is normal and we know and recognize this. What is excessive is non-stop barking from their kennel.  This makes for an unpleasant stay and causes stress and anxiety for our other pet guests and staff. 
  • All pets must be spayed/neutered to participate in daycare except active show or pets under a breeders contract. Unaltered males and females in heat are not allowed at daycare.
  • All prices given BEFORE your pets stay is only an ESTIMATE. Price is subject to increase or decrease for various factors. We will NOT give quotes for boarding, only estimates.
  • Giant Breeds will be considered on a case by case basis only and may result in a higher rate for boarding.
  • We utilize many different herbal and natural relaxation approaches for anxious pets. If you know your pet has anxiety please consult your vet for 
  • If you utilize a training collar or bark control collar you are encouraged to bring it with your pet. We are knowledgable of these devices. Since we are a home-like environment and staff frequently stay overnight, bark control devices, collars and training collars make for a more pleasant stay for all: pets and people alike.

 Boarding Rates:

  Effective 6/1/2018, Two changes will occur:   First change, for new, unestablished clients, a deposit equal to 1 night stay per pet must be received before the reservation is confirmed. Deposit can be made in person, or over the phone with a credit or debit card. (We accept cash, check, and Visa and Mastercard only please) Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE if cancelling 3 days or less before scheduled reservation. Full refund if cancelling prior to 3 days of scheduled drop off. This deposit is applied to the total boarding amount due at pick up. Once your pet has stayed with us 3 times with no repeated no call, no shows, or repeated cancellations we will no longer require a deposit. 
Second change is to our boarding price structure. Boarding will change from "per night" to "per 24 hours, or Calander day".   Rates will based on a 24 hour stay. Pets may stay beyond check out time at posted daycare rates. For example, if your pet is  delivered to us at 9am, your check out time is 9am on the day of pick up. At 10am, 1/2 of daily boarding rates will then apply. Saturday and Sunday will be rounded to the nearest pick up hours since we have limited pick up and drop off hours. 
  There is a 2-night minimum stay for reservations that fall on any holiday. There is no pick up or drop off on any                  holiday.  Staff will be here caring for our guests but we will not be open to the public, or for pick up and drop off.
  Sit, Stay, 'n Play Holidays Closed: New Years Day, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day.
  Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve will have varying pick up and drop off times. Check with us when reservation is made for times.
  A $25.00-$50.00 Convenience fee will apply, (depending on the time of day or night), for any before or after hours          pick up and drop off. A $50.00 Convenience fee will apply for pick up and drop off on any holiday and is by                            appointment only.   
  Prices and Options                    
  • Regular boarding: $28.00 per 24 hour stay. This option is best for pets who prefer not to spend time with other dogs, pets not spayed or neutered, elderly or frail pets. Pets will receive 5-7 leash walks or potty breaks and can stay out as long as they want to or can tolerate depending on the weather. The above "daycare rates" will apply if pet is picked up after the check out time. 
  • Boarding with Daycare: $33.00 per 24 hour stay. Pets are included in our daycare play group. Pets receive 1 full day of daycare for each 24 hour period. For example: Your pet is dropped off at 8am. He will receive a full day of daycare the day of drop off and every day thereafter.          
  • Open Boarding with Daycare: $45.00 per 24 hour stay. Open Boarding is for the most well behaved of pets or multiple pets from the same household, utilizing the indoor playroom. Availability is first come, first served. Pets must meet all daycare requirements.
  • Cage-free, Free Roam Boarding: $55.00 per 24 hour stay. Pets have access to playroom and bedroom. A staff person stays overnight with your pet. Other pets may also be boarding Cage Free so all pets MUST be daycare appropriate, friendly with others.  Holiday Cage Free Boarding: $65 per 24 hours.   
   Other Charges
  • Puppies and dogs under 1 year may be subject to an increased rate depending on the amount of care they require. Puppies typically are more demanding and need more time, attention, and cleaning up after. This will be determined during their stay. This charge could be as much as $10 more per 24 hours. Typically, the charge is not more than $5 and happens very infrequently.
  • Our Food: $2-5 per day, 2 meals per day. We feed Merrick Grain Free Lamb and Sweet Potato.
  • Medications: Oral/topical meds $2 per day. Injectable meds $4 per day.

Pre-Buy Discounted Daycare Pass
     Full Day Visits
  • 10 Visit, Full Day Daycare Pass $160.00 ($16/visit, Save $30 compared to individual purchase)
  • 20 Visit, Full Day  Daycare Pass $310.00 ($15.50/visit, Save $70 comapred to individual purchase)
  • ***Best Value***50 Visit, Full Day,  Daycare Pass $700.00 ($14/visit, Save $250 compare to individual purchase)
  • 10 Visit, Full Day Daycare Pass/2 Pets $290.00 ($16 first pet, $13 second pet, Save $60 compared to individual purchase)
  • 20 Visit, Full Day Daycare Pass/2 Pets  $580.00 ($14.50 per pet, Save $140 compared to individual purchase)
  • ***Best Value***50 Visit, Full Day Daycare Pass/2 Pets $1300.00 ($13 per pet, Save $500 compared to individual purchase)

     Half Day Visits

  • 10 Visit, Half day, Daycare Pass $100.00 ($10/visit, Save $30 compared to individual purchase)
  • 20 Visit, Half Day, Daycare Pass $190.00 ($9.50/visit, Save $70 compared to individual purchase )
  • 10 Visits, Half Day Daycare Pass/2 Pets $190.00 ($9.50 per pet, Save $50 compared to individual purchase)
  • 20 Visits, Half Day Daycare Pass/2 Pets $360.00 ($9.00 per pet, Save $120 compared to individual purchase)