Boarding at Sit, Stay, 'n Play

 We want both you and your pet to be comfortable with our facility. That is why we   welcome your visit, (by appointment please), to check us out before scheduling your pets stay with us. We are not a cold, sterile environment nor a dirty, ill-kept one, but a cozy and fun, home-like feel. Nearly all of our suites has its own window wall, off-the-floor beds with soft bedding and blankets. We strive to make our guests as comfortable as we can.

 We are all inclusive here at Sit, Stay, 'n Play. We don't charge extra for treats, cuddle-   time, belly rubs, or any other special treatments your pet enjoys. Each and every guest   receives individual love and attention. We are a small facility which allows us to be   able to give our time and personalized attention without charging a la carte.

 Leash walks are on the house, with nearly 5 acres to roam. Your pet will also   have access to 3 spacious fenced exercise areas, one of which is our large daycare play   area. Pets are exercised at least 5 times per day in either the fenced area or on leash. 

 We are thrilled to be the first in the area to offer a Cage-Free Boarding Option! If   your pet is appropriate and meets our behavior criteria, he could have free access to   the inside daycare play room and the staff bedroom at night. He could cozy up on one   of the soft , fluffy beds provided or even cuddle on the bed with the staff person who   stays overnight. There may even be more than 1 cage-free overnighter then turning it   into a "puppy PJ party"! Fun and a comfortable nights rest is guaranteed! 

 Still more to make your pets stay with us fun and memorable: If appropriate, your pet   could join in the fun of Dog Daycare offered Monday thru Friday. He could romp our   large play areas inside and out, make new friends, and whether cage-free or not, sleep   well because he has had a busy day of playing. We consider daycare participation very   beneficial as it decreases the stress of  being away from you. Combine Daycare and   Cage-Free Boarding and you've got one happy pup!

Boarding Hours

Pick up and Drop off

Monday thru Friday 7:00 - 5:00 (Please give us an approximate time of when to expect your arrival)

Saturday and Sunday: 8:00 - 9:00 AM or 5:00 - 6:00 PM Only. Other times BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and a convenience fee will apply.

Holiday Pick up and drop off times vary. Check with us first if you plan to pick up or drop off on a holiday. A convenience fee may apply.