Dog Daycare at Sit, Stay, 'n Play

All of us as pet parents have felt the guilt of, after a long day at work, not wanting to go for a walk or play in the yard with our pets. Somedays are so tiring that all we want to do is collapse when we walk through the door! But we can't do that. Our pets have been home by themselves all day with no one to play with, nothing to occupy their time. By the time we get home from work, they are ready to burn off some pent up energy.... and we're not.

Many who bring their pets have a young dog in need of socialization,  help with house breaking, and reinforcement of training and basic commands. But some have an overweight pet in need of more exercise. Or, a pet with seperation anxiety who may become destructive or too anxious when left alone for too long.  The reasons are endless but whatever the reason, daycare at Sit, Stay, 'n Play is the way to go. 

It's all about FUN! Your pets will play in our large, safe play areas, inside and out. What better way to spend the day than romping with other dogs and enjoying the care and attention from the caring staff at Sit, Stay, 'n Play. Your pets stay engaged and interactive all day. Lasting friendships are built with other dogs who attend the same days. Its a wonderful thing to witness each pets individuality, and the bonds that are formed between dogs.

No more boredom and lying around all day waiting for you to get home. They go home tired, ready to kick back and relax with you after a long day of hard play and socializing.

It's not just for the young, energetic pups either. Older dogs enjoy the companionship and company of other seniors and the attention from staff. This helps keep their mind sharp and their body strong. Just like human seniors, it's good to keep active both physically and mentally.

Daycare Hours of Operation

Monday Thru Friday 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

Closed Major Holidays